Ice Detecting Sensor for Aircraft
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Tested by NASA to SAE AS 5498, it is demonstrably the smallest, lightest, most-sensitive ice detectors available. The product consists of a unitized probe, circuit board, housing, and cable. The probe is a Delrin plastic cantilever that holds two optical windows and a reflecting wall below the wing, out into the airstream.Ice forms and is sensed on any of the optical surfaces.
The probe’s inboard end mates with a small interface board, the size of your thumb. The board is submerged in rock-hard epoxy inside the housing.
A lightweight, shielded 5-conductor blue cable connects the unit to its host system. The cable is jacketed in tough FEP Teflon, specially formulated for harsh environments. Standard length is 10 feet, but it can be shipped in virtually any length on special order.

The unit installs from inside the wing, extending down, facing forward into the air stream.


Operating Temperatures

-40 to 50 °C


4 ounces, excluding cables

Power Draw

2 W