Avionics Harness

SKU: HFE0602

The wire harness that provides input to the ECM including servo position and main power.

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This harness provides power to the fuel pump and receives the throttle position input from the aircraft receiver (channel 3) or a pulse width modulated input ranging from 900 to 2100 µs. The wires are protected with high resistant PTFE jacketing and additional fiberglass sleeving, creating a tough harness that can handle the vibration and harsh environment of flight. Outputs include battery, kill/enable, servo in, fuel pump, and tach out.

An un-terminated battery connection is provided for system power (10 to 15V 2000 mAh battery or greater)

See engine operators manual for harness pin designations.


  • High temperature 300°F , abrasion resistant Teflon insulated wire
  • High temperature 1,200°F fiberglass insulating sleeve
  • 18 inches long
  • Weight: 2.25 oz
Weight .055 lbs
Package Dimensions 15.24 × 17.78 × 1.27 cm