Generator Services

We can provide an auxiliary generator on your existing engine so that you can reduce large on board battery packs to a small maintained battery source. The auxiliary generator can power demanding payloads and allow your vehicle’s operating time to be limited by fuel capacity alone.

1kW AC/DC Man Portable Generator

HFE International is working to convert a standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) 1kW generator to operate on heavy fuels. The unit will be powered by our Electronic Fuel Injection System. The unit, weighing in at less than 35 lbs, will be the first generator of its kind that can be transported by one soldier. The unit will be able to support dismounted operations, reducing the amount of batteries that must be carried.


Peak Load: 1000 W
Rated Full Load: 900 W
Operating Voltage: 28 VDC
Start: Remote Electric Start
Weight: 35 lbs. with pack
Noise Level: 59 dB @ full load / 53 dB @ 1/4 load
Run time per tank: 3.8 hrs @ full load / 8.3 hours @ 1/4 load

500W DC Auxiliary Power Unit

HFE International’s auxiliary power unit is a very small JP8 powered 500W unit intended for use in manned and unmanned ground units to supply high powered payloads. This device is still in development.