Fuel Injection Systems

HFE International has the equipment and training to install an EFI system on your engine of choice. You can send the engine to us or we can come to you and support your team to design the hardware and setup the system. We also offer the service of production assembly, testing, and packaging of the final product.

HFE’s Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) System is made up of the following Components:

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

An ECU’s quality ranges from hobby grade all the way to professional grade, as does their price. There are also several development programs for fuel injection systems that may turn into a good product. However, HFE Int. believes that it’s wise to select something that has already proven itself on other engines. The ECU we use is based on a product that has been in production for more than 20 years. Over the years the unit has had tweaks, modifications and refinements to account for just about every strange operating condition you might encounter. It also has all the functionality required to control a heavy fuels engine.

Fuel Pump

HFE International uses an aircraft grade fuel pump for engines less than 5hp. This pump can be modified to accommodate a larger capacity engine if required. It features positive displacement piston operation that can self prime and operate under very high pressures. Variable speed operation allows for precise fuel metering and low power consumption.

Temperature Sensors

Since the engine has to be modified to fit a given temperature sensor, we have selected the smallest and lightest weight sensor for the task. The temperature sensor plugs directly into the ECU wire harness and no special calibration is required.

Throttle Body

HFE International will size the throttle body to fit the engine. This component can either be purchased from one of our vendors or we can manufacture it for you.

Fuel Injector

The fuel injector must also be sized for the engine. There are several novel injectors that could be selected for this task. However, as with the ECU, we have selected a manufacturer that has been producing injectors for over 50 years. Our injector manufacturer has several thousand patents for the technology and is a top manufacturer for injectors world wide.

Intake Manifold

HFE International will size the intake manifold to fit the application. We take advantage of the latest selective laser sintered (SLS) materials to produce light weight and rugged manifolds for our customers.

Crank Sensor

A crank sensor will need to be designed and installed on the engine so the ECU will be able to indicate where the engine is in its cycle and calculate the proper fueling. This is a simple device that HFE International will manufacture.


The ignition will be selected based on the customer’s requirements. This device receives a signal from the ECU and triggers a spark at the spark plugs. There are several manufactures for the ignition and we will go over the options with you for the final product.