Engine Dyno Testing

Many small engine manufacturers do not offer detailed data about their engines. If you need a power curve or fuel consumption data for an engine, just send us the engine and we’ll test it for you. We’ll provide industry standard corrected power curves. We can also give you a standard report about the quality of the engine and how it measures up to other alternatives if required.
Engine Dyno Testing

Dyno Lab Leasing – Tucson, AZ

Our state-of-the-art Dyno lab located in our Tucson office is available for lease on an as-needed basis.

HFE International proudly uses the Currawong Engineering Dyno.  This dyno is the most accurate dyno for small engine testing and the best quality machine for calibrating and tuning fuel injection systems on engines.

Engine Vibration Isolation

In almost every case where there is vibration, it’s coming from the main power plant. Since engines are our focus, HFE International has a Licensed Professional Engineer on staff that can calculate the correct isolator for your application. Please contact us for a quote.

Engine Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble with your small engine or generator system and we didn’t design it, we may still be able to troubleshoot the problem. Please send us an email with details about your problem and we’ll help you out.