About us

HFE International is a company to address the growing demand for reliable small engines. The target market for the company includes unmanned aircraft, and ground support equipment. HFE provides a suite of products as well as technical support staff to design customized electronic fuel injection systems and generator systems for any customer engine.
Quality Policy
HFE International is committed to provide safe, reliable engines, power systems, and reliable engineering services for unmanned systems and strives to become the world leader in unmanned propulsion systems with active participation from all employees to continually improve and achieve customer satisfaction through:

On time Delivery of Hardware

Defect Free Products

Outstanding Engineering Services

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Our Services

HFE International provides a variety of aircraft engine services, including dyno and thermal chamber testing, electronic fuel injection installation and maintenance, auxiliary generator provisions and mobile engine testing.

Thermal Chamber


Maintenance Contracts

Mobile Engine Testing

Generator Starters

Electronic Fuel Injection